The new wave of music in Macedonia


Marjan I. Bojadziev (1967) alias Mayo Vox – keyboards, composition, text

His first performance was at Rock Fest 1983, as a solo performer on keyboards. The very next year he was one of the founders of “Gino de Gagi and Their Passions”.

In 2011, he “reactivated” Pero, Gjole, Gino and Rubin, thus forming V.I.S. – Vox.

In his “free time” he wears business attire.

He used to be a businessman, but since 2005 he is a college professor. In 2012, he was awarded the title Teacher of the year for the ACBSP Region 8, Europe and Asia.

His supporters are: his wife Irena and from the next generation: Ilijana (1997) and Luke (2000).

Dragan Ginovski-Gino (1967) – guitar, composition, Co-author, Arrangements, Sound Engineer & Producer

Dragan Ginovski is a founder of Gino de Gagi and Their Passions, and of Arhangel. He has recorded 3 albums with Arhangel and has performed at all most significant concerts.

In his “free time” he builds guitars, while in the moments of relaxation he is a sound engineer, he records, mixes and produces in the Gino and Andrijana studio.

His supporters are his wife Andriana and the son Dimitar.

Pero Yankov RJ (1967), Bass Guitar, Composition, Arrangement, Rhythm Section Programming.

Founder of DDT, a member of Gino de Gagi and Their Passions, and of Arhangel, participant in all albums, as well as in the biggest concert of Arhangel.

In his “free time”, he

A) builds dams,

B) draws cartoons – he is one of the leading cartoonists in Macedonia and

C) also composes some instrumental music.

His supporters are his wife Veselinka and the next generation: Lile (1993) and Bojan (1997).

Djoko Mishkovski (1968), keyboards, co-author, Arrangements, Sound Engineer & Producer
Member of GDG, then of Chaos In Laos. In his “free time”, he is a sound engineer in the “Rock and Roll” studio in Skopje.

His supporters are his wife Marina and the next generation: Stephen (2005) and David (2009).

Rubin Kantardjioski – Kantaro is a singer.

In his youth he made 2 albums with his band “Don’t! Who? One!”

His supporter is one fine young lady.