The vocal and instrumental ensemble VOX (V.I.S. – VOX) consists of musicians, authors and enthusiasts, who have been active on the rock scene in the 80s and 90s.
A foundation of the band is former members of the New Wave Band “Gino de Gagi and Their Passions”
V.I.S. – VOX emerged in the winter 2011/2012, with the following members: Mayo Vox, Petar Jankov PJ, Dragan Ginovski – Gino and Gjoko Mishkovski. The first demo track was recorded on the Theodor’s Saturday, in March 2012, with Boris Stavrov as a vocalist. Due to being too busy, Boris left the band, and he was replaced by Rubin Kantargioski – Kantaro (ex: Don’t! Who? One!)
V.I.S. VOX worked with “season’s breaks” and in the period March 2012 – September 2013 they prepared and recorded eight songs (both in English and in Macedonian). These songs are released on the album “The songs you’ve always wanted to hear, but you couldn’t find them”.