We express our most sincere gratitude to everyone who has assisted in the process of finishing of the album: “The Songs You’ve Always Wanted to Hear, but You Couldn’t Find Them!” and especially to:

1)    Our sponsors – without whose financial support we wouldn’t have been able to finance the project: MIK Sv. Nikole, Vitaminka A.D. – Prilep, TTK Bank A.D. Skopje, ONE, Pakomak A.D. Skopje, Ha Em Prilep, University American College Skopje, as well as TV Sitel for lending us their reporting car, without which we wouldn’t have video material now.


2)    Artists and product specialists

  • Guest artists: Darko Spasovski – Drums (The Morning), Laura Krliu – (What Is the Eternity Like?);
  • Sound: Gjorgi Miskovski and Dragan Ginovski – sound engineers, RJ – coproduction, and Cristian Varga – mastering;
  • Video & Photo: Vlad Georgiev – photos, VD-design; Ilija Iko Karov – director, production – Creative Lab, UACS;
  • English texts proof reading: Ivan Dodovski;

3)    Administration: Tanja Sterjova and Ema Kastratovik;

4)    … Our dearest and nearest, without whose support we couldn’t have created this album.